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Course # 38820 • Pathophysiology: The Respiratory System

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  1. Identify the key structures and functional inter-relationships in the respiratory system.
  2. Describe the components and functions of pulmonary circulation.
  3. Discuss the pathophysiologic and environmental influences and effects on the respiratory system.
  4. Outline the role of subjective data in completing a full nursing assessment of the respiratory system.
  5. Describe objective data compiled during a nursing assessment of the respiratory system.
  6. Identify diagnostic tests used in the identification and classification of respiratory diseases.
  7. Outline the nursing diagnoses, planning, and management of conditions related to respiratory dysfunction.
  8. Discuss clinical manifestations of infectious diseases of the upper respiratory system.
  9. Review signs and symptoms of upper respiratory neoplasms and related nursing actions.
  10. Describe the common causes, appearances, and treatment of traumatic disorders of the upper respiratory disorders.
  11. Analyze the presentation and nursing management of occupational lung diseases.
  12. Evaluate pathologic causes and manifestations of disorders of the lower respiratory tract.
  13. Discuss the pathophysiology and clinical manifestations of traumatic respiratory disorders.
  14. Outline the concepts and information the nurse should provide for the patient during the health teaching and discharge planning process after respiratory surgery.
  15. Describe key concepts related to caring for patients who receive thoracic surgery.
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