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Course # 92342 • Childhood Leukemias and Lymphomas

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  1. Discuss the prevalence and types of childhood leukemia and lymphoma.
  2. Identify the clinical signs and symptoms associated with childhood leukemia.
  3. Describe the diagnostic testing for and classification of childhood leukemias.
  4. Discuss the prognostic variables for childhood leukemias.
  5. Describe the clinical presentation, diagnosis, and prognostic variables of Hodgkin lymphoma.
  6. Discuss the signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and prognostic variables associated with non-Hodgkin lymphomas.
  7. Explain the principles of communicating a diagnosis of childhood cancer.
  8. Discuss the importance of clinical trials and the issues unique to trials involving children.
  9. Outline the treatment approaches for childhood leukemia and lymphoma.
  10. Discuss the various means of supportive care needed for children/adolescents with leukemia or lymphoma.
  11. Describe the elements of effective palliation of symptoms in the end of life for children/adolescents with cancer.
  12. Recognize the psychosocial and spiritual needs of children/adolescents with cancer and their families.
  13. Discuss coping mechanisms of children/adolescents with cancer and their effect on psychosocial adjustment.
  14. Explain the psychosocial effect of childhood cancer on family dynamics.
  15. Define the most common long-term effects of childhood leukemias and lymphomas and their treatment.
  16. Outline recommendations for necessary surveillance and long-term monitoring specific for a child's or adolescent's cancer and treatment.
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