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Course # 33223 • Women and Heart Disease

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  1. Describe the morbidity and mortality associated with heart disease, especially in women.
  2. Describe how female cardiac anatomy and physiology differs from men's.
  3. Discuss the role that traditional risk factors play in the development of heart disease in women.
  4. List gender-specific risk factors for heart disease in women.
  5. Identify reasons heart disease is more complex to diagnose in women.
  6. Compare and contrast the efficacy of non- invasive and invasive cardiac diagnostic tests in women.
  7. Describe the basic types and variations of angina and their prevalence in women.
  8. Compare and contrast the usual clinical course of women with angina versus myocardial infarction (MI).
  9. Discuss common complications seen in women post-MI.
  10. Discuss clinical outcomes of medical treatment options in women with heart disease.
  11. Discuss the preoperative status of women undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery and the implications this status may have on postoperative outcomes.
  12. Describe the research base related to the clinical outcomes of women who participate in formal cardiac rehabilitation programs.
  13. Identify nursing diagnoses and appropriate nursing interventions that are applicable to women with heart disease during the acute phase.
  14. Discuss primary and secondary prevention strategies for women.
  15. Identify at least two reasons why women were formerly excluded from clinical trials related to the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.
  16. Identify areas where further research is needed in relation to heart disease and women.
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